the little shacks

Beater Bliss

I love making cookies with my little helpers. The cookies turned out fine… Getting to lick the cream cheese frosting off the beater was bliss. (Not awesome enough to get a smile on film from Caroline, but she did love it!)



Sick little Shacks

Living in a hotel is awesome… No really- it hasn’t been that bad. Until the stomach bug hit. Poor sick Shack littles and poor us for having clean up duty… Literally, cleaning up dooty- duty.

We’re at 1 solid week of non-solid “stuff”. Sorry, too much info I’m sure but seriously… Caroline’s face says it all.

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(This picture shows her "forever standing" face because she couldn't sit after 16 diapers today. Mostly she can't sit because she's super sassy, which is the same reason she refuses to smile in any pictures.)

For all the stinky wiping, flushing, and cleaning, I am feeling like insurance is getting their money's worth from this hotel stay. We have had more bed changes, impromptu trash pick ups, and "I'm sorry, but" comments than any other person on our floor. Way to go cleaning crew for holding your own. I'm sure you don't make enough (Although, I'm right there with you… My only paycheck comes during your daily visits when you refill the mint and chocolate jar. Thanks by the way… And don't mention the chocolates to the kids.)

No matter what happens with us, at least Lady is always ready to cheer us up by wearing a dress to make the sick Shack Littles smile.


Home sweet… Hotel.

We’ve moved! We moved blogs and houses!

I have had a very long hiatus from the blog world, but I plan to get caught up. The Little Shacks have had quite the 2012, and I have pictures and stories to share! (By the way, I am writing from the phone for now and learning this new site, so please forgive my mistakes…)

Since the latest excitement includes both kids with stomach bugs, I am writing my first post from my phone with Tiny on my lap…asleep.


Here’s the synopsis of the year… After Chris got better this spring, Caroline and I decided we needed attention, too. (Seems fair.) Caroline took a nose dive off the couch to the hardwoods for a mild concussion… Judges say? 7s across the board- it was only a mild
Concussion after all.

We spent the following weekend waking her up to check her status. She was fine, but by this point, I really needed some Anne attention. I woke up the following Monday and could barely breath because my chest hurt so bad. Doctor visit and x-rays confirmed that I had walking pneumonia and a cracked rib from coughing. Worst. Crap. Ever. I don’t recommend it. Although, unless you’re an 85 year old woman, you usually won’t break a rib coughing…. I was going for the gold.

Since I couldn’t lift anything heavy or do much more than walk a few steps without gasping for air, we decided it was perfect timing to sell our house. (We make good choices.)

After 9 days on the market, we had a showing (Easter weekend). We had two fabulous friends-Bre & Nathan-as house guests that weekend and only had 30 minutes to get the place ready for this particular showing. We busted butt, deflating an air mattress, vacuuming, hiding toys, and made the house presentable. They loved it and bought it!! It will forever go down in history that Bre sold our house for us. Thanks, Bre. 🙂

Now we had to find a house. Fast. House hunting in sought after neighborhoods is insane. We saw houses before they hit the market, just listed, and on “inside hints” from neighbors… They were in bidding wars before we even set foot in the house. By the way, hauling two toddlers along to house hunt with a cracked rib… Not fun. Again, I make good choices.

Luckily, we got a tip on a house in a great neighborhood. We saw it within a day of hitting the market before 7 other couples. They accepted our offer, and we were home owners again. Yay!

Flash forward through Aunt Lisa helping pack up old house and unpack in the new house, throwing a surprise 1/2 birthday for Grandma Sharon, building an awesome play set, and having our friends over to see the house. The first six weeks were great… The night after our friends saw the house a pipe broke in the kitchen…


It flooded the kitchen, living room, dining room, office, laundry room, and garage. After living in the house for six weeks, we moved out and into a hotel. They are remodeling the house as we spend our days on perpetual vacay. It will be amazing once we get stuff like floors, walls, and counters back at the house. I’m snobby like that.

Aside from this week’s tummy bug that hit the kids, they don’t seen to mind 6 weeks of vacation and breakfast buffets.


Speaking of buffets, will insurance pay for slightly larger clothes since Chris and I have to indulge daily in that delicious, fatty hotel buffet? Hmmm.

Looking forward to re-moving back into our house soon. Then I will post pics of our newly redone new house.

A lot if other awesome things have happened in that time, and I plan to discuss them soon!!

Welcome to the new blog!