the little shacks

Sick little Shacks

Living in a hotel is awesome… No really- it hasn’t been that bad. Until the stomach bug hit. Poor sick Shack littles and poor us for having clean up duty… Literally, cleaning up dooty- duty.

We’re at 1 solid week of non-solid “stuff”. Sorry, too much info I’m sure but seriously… Caroline’s face says it all.

<br /

(This picture shows her "forever standing" face because she couldn't sit after 16 diapers today. Mostly she can't sit because she's super sassy, which is the same reason she refuses to smile in any pictures.)

For all the stinky wiping, flushing, and cleaning, I am feeling like insurance is getting their money's worth from this hotel stay. We have had more bed changes, impromptu trash pick ups, and "I'm sorry, but" comments than any other person on our floor. Way to go cleaning crew for holding your own. I'm sure you don't make enough (Although, I'm right there with you… My only paycheck comes during your daily visits when you refill the mint and chocolate jar. Thanks by the way… And don't mention the chocolates to the kids.)

No matter what happens with us, at least Lady is always ready to cheer us up by wearing a dress to make the sick Shack Littles smile.


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