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Beater Bliss

I love making cookies with my little helpers. The cookies turned out fine… Getting to lick the cream cheese frosting off the beater was bliss. (Not awesome enough to get a smile on film from Caroline, but she did love it!) Advertisements

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Sick little Shacks

Living in a hotel is awesome… No really- it hasn’t been that bad. Until the stomach bug hit. Poor sick Shack littles and poor us for having clean up duty… Literally, cleaning up dooty- duty. We’re at 1 solid week of non-solid “stuff”. Sorry, too much info I’m sure but seriously… Caroline’s face says it …

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Home sweet… Hotel.

We’ve moved! We moved blogs and houses! I have had a very long hiatus from the blog world, but I plan to get caught up. The Little Shacks have had quite the 2012, and I have pictures and stories to share! (By the way, I am writing from the phone for now and learning this …

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